#Humboldt Strong T-shirt Update

April 19, 2018
#Humboldt Strong T-shirt Update

UPDATE April 20, 2018: #Humboldt Strong T-shirts The first wave of the Humboldt Strong tee shirts have been stocked and are currently available at 22Fresh and The LKR Room.  They are also on their way to Co-op retail locations, starting with Humboldt and we will be releasing more information as we receive it. T-shirts will be $35 retail.
Info at

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100% of the T-shirt proceeds will go to support the SJHL Assistance Program.



UPDATE April 17, 2018: Together with retail co-operatives, Co-op members & customers, we are proud to share that we have exceeded our $500,000 donation goal to the SJHL Assistance Program. We encourage you to keep donating and remain #HumboldtStrong. More on this story: https://bit.ly/2HIZbam



April 9, 2018: Supporting players and their families in the coming months. #humboldtstrong

In the aftermath of the tragic Humboldt Broncos accident, FCL, Saskatoon Co-op and other local Co-ops have donated to the SJHL Assistance Program and encourage all retail Co-ops to donate as well.  The support program will aid in providing mental health assistance, counselling and grieving for all the players of the SJHL.
We hope our Co-op contributions will enable the program to support players, families, billets & communities following the Humboldt Broncos tragedy.


For more info on the SJHL Assistance Program or to donate please visit: www.sjhl.ca/sjhlassistanceprogram


For FCL press release details:  https://www.fcl.crs/news-reports/news/article/SJHL-Co-op-announce-player-support-program